A life line for the furry family members

In 2009, Jed Hunt, an eight-year-old border collie and his best friend James (4 years) were chasing seagulls on the beach when Jed ruptured several discs.

The bills for Jed's extensive veterinary care over 3 years totalled $30,000. Fortunately, Jed's family were able to afford his treatment. But the experience inspired Jennifer Hunt (Mum to James and Jed) to create the Pet Medical Crisis Fund for other families, who loved their pets just as much as they loved Jed yet can't afford the sometimes costly treatments.

"I'd hate to think of a family losing their best friend because they couldn't pay for treatment" said kind-hearted Jennifer. "Jed is a part of our family and he was worth every penny" she said.

Because of Jed's injuries, James now walks his friend with the help of a Dog-Along Walking Harness. The harness supports Jed's back legs and spine and means he hasn't lost the pleasure of his daily walk with his best mate.

"I love Jed, he's my best friend" said James.

The Pet Medical Crisis Fund is supported by Westpac (see Donations to find out how to contribute) and Vet's All Natural by Dr Bruce Syme. 100% of any donation goes into the fund.

Fundraising initiatives include applying for grants, fundraising dinners / events, raffles, sharing cases through our Community Facebook page and the media.

"We've had wonderful support so far and hope the community gets behind the idea and the Fund is able to save the lives of all kinds of pets," Jennifer said.

"The PMCF has been so successful since starting in Victoria in 2010 that in July 2013 we set up a branch in Queensland and there is strong interest in New South Wales and Tasmania - so with enough support and dedication we are set to become a National charity! South Australia, Western Australia, ACT and Northern Territory we have you in our sights!!"

If you have the time, skills and dedication to assist either in establishing a branch or fundraising for the PMCF please contact Jennifer through the Contact page