In 2009, I had an accident. I don't know what happened. One minute I was chasing seagulls and the next . . . well, I was in a lot of pain.

I'd ruptured several discs and needed emergency care. It cost my family lots of money. Fortunately, they were able to pay it. But lots of people who love their furry, hairy and feathered family members just as much as my family love me, can't afford emergency care.

So my mum, Jennifer started a Fund to help those families. It's called the Pet Medical Crisis Fund and it gives financial help to families who take their animal friends to Vets Victoria wide (Australia), but find they can't afford the treatment or surgery costs.

Of course, it's better if you can take out pet insurance and I certainly recommend that.

The Fund is run by unpaid volunteers who do not take any administration fees for their work. Please be respectful of their time and dedication. All the money donated will go to benefit the pets whose owners can't afford their emergency care. None of the money will benefit individuals or the Vets. It's all for the furry, hairy and feathered ones.

In fact, the money doesn't even go to their families; it goes straight to pay the veterinary bills. And they have to meet some criteria set by Vets. These are things like:

  • They are a person or family who genuinely cannot afford to pay for necessary treatment of their pet. Owners will be on a pension or in necessitous circumstances.
  • With the emergency treatment or surgery, their pet can live a happy, healthy and supported life.
  • As assistance is generally restricted to under $1,000 per case this assistance is for treatment after a diagnosis, (or on occasion in combination with certain treatments requiring preop workup under the one anaesthetic)and a definite plan of care and discounted fee is known. Utilizing donations for diagnosis precludes necessary treatment from being performed and makes the charity's intended outcome invalid.

The Vet reduces fees to replicate the not-for-profit status of the PMCF - the owners decide how much they can afford and the PMCF decide what funds are available to contribute to the costs. Charitable donations need to be used as effectively as possible which necessitates 'shopping around' for the best value. If Vets will not discount due to individual business needs and other vets can offer the same service for significantly less, the lower quote is essential to use to ensure optimized effect. Not all applications are successful but the PMCF look at each case on it's merits and attempts to be consistent in it's aid to people in necessitous circumstance - as required by the ATO.

Please support the fund. I know that I'm very lucky to have found the family I have. But just because people don't have lots of money doesn't mean they love their pets any less.

We really are part of the family. Your donation can help keep us that way.

May your nose be damp and your tongue wet,