JED - The Wonder Dog
Inspiration, Love & Devotion
Adam Evans Donation
Adam Fowler Multiple Donations - In Memory of Alex
Adam McKenzie Donation
Adrian & Mathilda Cohen
Andrea Brear Donation
Ann-Marie Moffatt Donation
Anne McNaughton Donation
Anne Papworth Donation
Aushra Saldukas
Committee & Fundraising
Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty
Raffle Donation & Support
Austin & Val Sands Donation
Avalon Sperring Donation
Aquapaws Canine Rehab
Donation Tin
Bark Out Loud - Sally, Nadia, Kim,
Emily, Sharon, Tony, Frank
Bendigo Bank
North Road Ormond 03 95768211
Donation Tin
Best Deal Variety Shop
747 Glenhuntly Rd Sth Caulfield 95235077
Supplied Donation Tins
Bianca Tai
Brad & Anna Lister
Brett Jacques
Brett Jacques Photography
Pet Photography Vouchers for Donations over $200
Briare McElhone Donation
C. Harwood Donation
Christine Duncan Donation - In Memory of Olive
Celine Murphy Donation
Classic Cinema Elsternwick
Classic Cinema
Donation - Movie Tickets for Raffle
Claire Girardi Donation
Claire Anderson Donation
Claire Thorn Donation - Raised by Case Workers at DHS Dandenong
Carole Howard Donation
Carolyn Clews Donation - In Memory of Sir Humphrey
Clay Hayden Donation
Community Pharmacy
1106 Glenhuntly Rd Glenhuntly 95714545
Donation Tin
Chris Street 0415446324
Mornington Peninsula Gardening
Canine Wheelchair Donation
Cordeax Clan, Peter, Maryanne, Kristy
Chantelle & Snoopy
Fundraising & Community Support
Craig Clarke Donation
Cranbourne Carols by Candlelight Community Donation
Dale Cousins Donation
Danielle Olver Donation
Daniel Tanner Donation
David Nissen Donation
Dean Hynes Donation
Debbie Cross Multiple Donations
Di Clements Donations
Dianne Hadley Donation - In Memory of Bear
Dianne Matthews Donation
Dominic & Therese Cambareri Fundraising
Donald Esmore Donation
Doreen Hankin, Georgie & Millie
Dorothy Smith Donation
Dr Adrienne Clarke Donation
Dr Phillip Sacks Donation
Dilys Clarke Donation
Edward Portbury Donation
Emma Quigley Donation
Fig Jam Cafe 95681308
128 Koornang Road Carnegie
Donation Tin
Gabrielle Lovass Donations
Galatis Pharmacy
85 Koornang Road Carnegie 03 95635833
Gold-Star Donation Tin
Geoffrey Clark & Nelly
Gene Lambert Donation
Geraldine Govett Donation
Georgina Miller Donation
Georgina Vass
Happy Dog Day Care
Donation and Link Online
Gispac Bag Supplies
Donation 300 Yellow Show Bags Aug 2011
Glenhuntly Road Vet Clinic
1111 Glenhuntly Rd Glenhuntly 95717144
Donation Tin
Grill'd - Melbourne Central
Grill'd Local Matters
Local Matters - July 2011
Grill'd - Malvern
Grill'd Local Matters
Local Matters - July 2012
Helen Howard Donation
Helen Wolfe Donation
Healthwatch Foods
529 North Road Ormond 03 95767614
Donation Tin
Iain Harris
Ian Harding Donation
Ingrid Hendricks Donation
Ingrid Szoeke Donation
J Govett Donation
Jamie Butcher Donation
Janette Anderson Donation and support
Jen Bethune Donation in memory of beautiful Bear
RIP 27 Aug 2013
Jenni Bourke Donation - Celebrating Henry's recovery
Jeffery Lawton Donation
Jennifer & James Hunt Fundraising & Donations
Jennifer Martin Donation
Jennifer McCoy Donation
Jieyun Hou Multiple Donations
Jill Bowyer Donation
Jocelyn Spall Donation
Joanna Cochrane
Joanne Wallis Donation
Jodie Snell Donation
John Adams Donation
June Killington Donation
Karen Brenner Donation - For Sascha Kerrison
Karen Hart Donation - In Memory of Zoe Hart
Kate Hutchin Donation
Kate Sanderson Donation
Katie Forster Social Media
Kim Forrester Donation
K-Mart - Southland
Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham 95856144
Donation 2 x $20 Gift Certificates for Raffle
Kellie Ruck Multiple Donations - For the Love of Oscar
Ken Wain Donation
Kerry & Jeff Tighe & Millie
PMCF on Facebook
Fundraising, Donation & Facebook Pet of the Week
Karen Bremmer Donation
Kerryn Martin Donation
Kim Lock Donation
Kim Forrester Donation - Generosity toward Amanda Browning and her Cockatiels
Lauren Booker Donation
Leggieri family Donation - In Memory of Jackson
Leith Swyny Donation - In Memory of her beloved Tiffany
Lesley Borowick Donation
Lisa Gatt Donation
Lisa Marretta Donation
L J Townsend Donation
Lorraine Rose Donation
Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation
Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation
3AW LMCF $5,000 award August 2011 & July 2012
Louise Turnour Fundraising
Louise Veenstra Donation
Luke Booker Donation
Lumley Insurance Donation
Lynne-Michelle Hancock Donation
M. Garnham Donation
M. J. Scholz Donation
Mandy from Talking Turkey
Copywriting & editing services
Margaret Lee Donation
Margaret Southern Donation
Maria Kljuce Donation
Marie Adjemian Donation
Mariolena Lambrellis Donation
Marjory Dawson Donation
Margaret Watt Donation
Mary Holland Donation - in memory Lilly RIP 2013
Mary Marasco
Marzena Jensen Donation
Matilda Cohen
Matthew Lane Donation
Mavis Boyer Donation
Meg Mundell Donation
Mel Billman Donation
Melanie Burns Donation
Melanie Wood Donation
Melissa & the Team at Artisan Media Website Design & Development
Michelle McConachie Donation - For Chantelle and Asthma
Michelle Tuchin Donation
Mignon Buitenhuis Donation
Miranda Brett Donation
Mirek Grabacki Donation
MJ Sholz Donation
MSAC Autie Drive Albert Park
Family Swimming Pass for Raffle
Discounted Domain Name & Web Hosting
Neve O'Broin
Norine Cruse Donation
Nissiotopoula Meat Supply
101a Koornang Road Carnegie 95712347
Donation Tin
Pancake Parlour
Pancake Parlour
Kindly donated "Lovely" Pack for Raffle at Pets'n'Pals Walk, BOL & Pets Day Out Fundraisers
Patricia Farrant Donation
Paul Godfrey Donation
Paul Mouat Multiple Donations
Paul Thorn Multiple Donations
Paula-Jo Mitchell Donation
Peninsula Obedience Dog Club
Peninsular Obedience Dog Club
PETassist Award Donation as Charity of the Year - 2012
Pet Stock Ormond
608 North Road Ormond 03 95783655
Free Hydrobath for Donors
Phil Boug Donation
Priceline Southland
1239 Nepean Hwy Cheltenham 95843202
Donation of Raffle Items
Priceline Caulfield
788 Glenhuntly Road Caulfield 95235314
Donation of Raffle Items
Pure Fresh Hair
767 Glenhuntly Rd Caulfield 95238873
Donation Tin
Ramona & Ross Headifen Donation
Rebecca Mery Donation
Rebecca King Donation
Regina Murcia Donation
Richard Switzky Donation
Robert O'Donnell from
Caulfield Minuteman Press
Kindly donated printing of discharge letters to be given to all clients of the Pet Emergency Centre
Robert Willis (The Pups) Donation
Robin Blair Donation
Robyn Gamsu, Scott & Millie Donations & Support
Robyn Gamsu Memorial donation for Didja Reid - beloved Rotty of Jenni, Ross Grigg and "Leena" M E M O R I A L
Rod from A-Amergency Glass
296 Koornang Rd Carnegie 0418342169
Rosa Nathan Fundraising
Russell Johnson Donation
Ruth Denson Donation
Sally Casper Donation
Sally Heggen Donation
Safeway Carnegie
11 Kokaribb Street Carnegie 95714155
Donation Gift Certificate for Raffle
Sam Cambareri Donation & Fundraising
Sharon Pert Donation
Sharon Zagame Donation
Shelley Tuchin Donation & Fundraising
Sophia Wallace
$30 Giftcard - Yellow Polypop Material
Stephen Toohey Donation
Skye Wallace
Stephanie Bevis Donation
Sue Smith Donation
Sunnybrook Health Store
553A North Road, Ormond 03 95786400
Donation Tin
Susan Farr Donation
The Bread Roll Shop
527 North Rd, Ormond 03 95783165
Donation Tin
Tanya Harrison Donation
Tanya Mayled Donation
Tanya Nehr Donation
Theresa McDonald Donation
Thomas Cambareri
Logo & Creative Flyer Designs, Donations & Fundraising
Tony Riha Donation
True Health
569 North Rd, Ormond 03 95784912
Donation Tin
V Freckleton Donation
Vanessa Horton Donation - Toward Arora, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Vets All Natural
Dr Bruce Syme
Choice of Healthy Treats for first 1,000 Donations over $30
Vincent Farber Donation
Vincent Magrath Donation
Virginia Parker Donation
Virginia Neal, Molly & Danny
Multiple Donations
Wayne Preston
Donations - In Memorium - Parted Dogs
Westpac Elsternwick Branch
Kylie Sherriff & the Team
Dollar for Dollar Contribution for Employee Donations and Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser
Westpac Hampton Branch
456 Hampton Street, Hampton
Donation Tin
William Fisher Donation
Yuriy Verkhatsky Donation
Zep - Jed's new brother Dec 2012 Friendly, Loving & Caring support

You will be asked to give your consent before your name is included into the Pet Medical Crisis Hall of Fame.