Stepping out with Dog-Along

"In January 2009 Jed the Wonder Dog became a paraplegic after rupturing discs in his back from chasing seagulls on the beach. With the Dog-Along Walking Harness Jed has regained his mobility, strength and enjoyment of life," said Jennifer Hunt.

Does your best friend have hind leg problems? Arthritis? Hip and Spinal condition? Or just plain old age? Can they no longer enjoy a walk? No sniffing at telegraph poles? No meeting other doggy friends in the park?

Improve their quality of life with a Walking Harness. You can make your own using a canvas 'supermarket' type bag and cutting it down to suit - or even using (don't laugh) a pair of men's undies with handles fashioned onto the sides.

Dog-Along Walking Harnesses are currently out of stock. Please enquire to other harness makers such as Dogs In Motion.


Your dog's hind legs fit easily through a harness. You can put it on when they're lying down or when they're standing up. The harness fits snugly round the hips and secures across the back with Velcro ®. There are two carry straps to make sure your pooch is comfortable and supported while they're walking.

With a bit of help from the a Harness and you your canine friend will be able to walk up and down stairs and ramps, get in and out of the car, walk, go to the toilet....

View Jennifer and Jed the Wonderdog demonstrating the harness Jed stepping out in his Dog-Along harness

And the harness is ideal when they're swimming as part of their rehabilitation program.

We recommend you still use a collar lead to direct your pooch and avoid traction on their back from trying to "steer from the rear".

We also recommend that you ask your vet to show you how to use a harness correctly and to ensure that the harness is the correct choice for your friend. We accept no liability for misuse or damage caused by using this product.


For enquiries about Harnesses please contact Dogs-In-Motion: