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Jonty Couper from La Trobe Valley saved by PMCF on WIN News

The Couper family so grateful to get Jonty back home and planning to help another family in need when their pet Cockatiel died WIN News

Cherished dog's life saved by the PMCF on National Nine News

View this little dog's escape from an untimely death on National Nine News

Jennifer, James and Jed the Wonderdog on The Today Show

View Jennifer, James and Jed the Wonderdog on The Today Show

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Spunky by name and nature this little guy was going to be put to sleep until the PMCF stepped in

(May 6, 2013) - Spunky the Jack Russell saved when Charity Comes to the Rescue of Carlton Family in Pet Crisis. Melbourne Leader

Cookie Russell was hours from being unnecessarily euthanised when his family simply couldn't afford to save him from pain

(April 23, 2013) - Pet Medical Crisis Fund helps pay for Lifesaving Surgery for Lilydale Dog. Lilydale and Yarra Valley Leader

Pet Medical Crisis Fund Stumps up Money for Cockatoo Kokita

(April 9, 2013) - Olga's dearest Cockatoo was tearing out her feathers and unable to afford the cost Olga's neighbour Rebecca called on the PMCF. North Leader

Charity's generosity a lifeline for Whyndam Vale's Marley

(March 26, 2013) - Marley's snack of a corn cob nearly cost him his life but thanks to the PMCF he's back home with his loving Mum and kids. West Leader

Meow the cat keeps his leg thanks to Malvern Vet

(February 1, 2013) - This little cat is grumpy because his owners keep him locked in a cage - he has no idea how lucky he is to still be here, let alone here with all 4 legs. South East Leader

Smart chicken lucky for devoted owner

(January 15, 2013) - Smart One was saved from starvation but then faced dying much to her heroine's saddness until the PMCF stepped in... South East Leader


Cash call from pet aid fund

(October 1, 2012) - Terri Wooley's constant companion Missy needed urgent surgery when she could not pass urine. With help from the PMCF Terri got her surgery done - and tragically Terri passed away the day after this article was posted - happy though knowing Missy was well again. Missy was rehomed with relatives. Berwick Leader

Pet fund brings relief from vet bills

(May 20, 2012) - Mischief cat rehomed with a loving Mum after her owner went into a nursing home... but her health problems used up another life Melbourne Weekly

Harry the cavoodle gets a helping hand thanks crisis fund

(Mar 27, 2012) - PMCF save 3 month old Harry who had a hole in his heart the Herald Sun

Heart starter makes pup barking glad

(Mar 23, 2012) - Chloe the Golden Retriever saved by the PMCF The Geelong Advertiser

Fund helps Armadale Cat land on feet

(Feb 27, 2012) - PMCF helps Frankie the Cat Stonnington Leader

Intervention saves Mont Albert Angel

(Feb 20, 2012) - Angel needed urgent thoracic surgery to survive Whitehorse Leader

Fund saves Cranbourne Puppy's life

(Feb 15, 2012) - Maggie's family were struggling to keep her alive Cranbourne Leader


Pet fund a life-saver: Help in crisis situations

(Dec 2011 Issue) - JED - The Wonder Dog & Jennifer Hunt in Central Park The Senior

Struggling on for Snoopy

(Nov 17, 2011) - Read about Snoopy's medical help from the PMCF Peninsula Leader

Pet fund keeps dog walking

(Oct 23, 2011) - Read about Coco's life-saving medical help Waverley Leader

Pets get together for pets this Sunday

(Oct 11, 2011) - The PMCF's Pets 'n' Pals Walk - Fundraising WalkStonnington Leader

Charity fund saves pet in Malvern East

(Sept 11, 2011) - Bessy had 3 months to live and pensioner Justine was devastated. Read about Bessy's life-saving medical help from the PMCF Stonnington Leader

A fund for those who can't afford to save their pets

(Aug 12, 2011) - The PMCF win Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation Award. Read about the Fund and see JED - The Wonder Dog & Jennifer Herald Sun

Saving gift for a much loved kitten

(July 8, 2011) - Read about Chloe kitten's life-saving medical help Stonnington Leader


Pet saving fund gives Alley some more lives

(Dec 12, 2010) - Pensioners kind hearted rescue turns into a medical crisis. Pensioners who rescued Alley cat needed help to save her life Whitehorse Leader

Puppy Love Bill $30,000

(Mar 31, 2010) - The Story of how the Pet Medical Crisis Fund's inception was inspired by JED - The Wonder Dog Caulfield Glen Eira Leader