Victorian Vets with suitable clients may apply

The Pet Medical Crisis Fund (PMCF) is now proud to be operating in association with all Victorian Vets. We are pleased to have assisted owners and pets from over 70 Veterinary clinics across Victoria.

Any Victorian Veterinary Clinic is welcome to apply for funds to assist a pensioner or disadvantaged person whose pet is in danger of being unnecessarily euthanised. Once a plan of care is known and it is established that the owner is in dire need of assistance, the Vet reduces the cost of care to 'at-cost' to see if the owner is able to then proceed. The owner must commit to putting in as much as they are able and if not sufficient to get their pet over-the-line then the PMCF is consulted to see if we can assist in bridging the gap between 'at-cost' veterinary care and what the owner can afford.

Case Selection Criteria

The PMCF has been established to financially assist selected pet owners who cannot afford full costs of veterinary treatment.

Good examples of appropriate recipients would be persons having to consider unnecessary euthinasia for an otherwise saveable pet because the are: - aged pensioners who would have little or no opportunity to repay veterinary costs; This is our #1 priority! - persons receiving an Australian pension / concession; - persons with extraordinary necessitous circumstances; - unemployed persons without financial security; etc

Examples of inappropriate requests would be: - owners who find veterinary bills to be a drain on their finances but they are employed and able to repay costs for their pets surgery. - people who are financially secure and ineligible for Centrelink support; - non-emergencies who are not in a life-threatening state; - pets who are as yet undiagnosed and without a plan of care.

Criteria for case selection are outlined below:

- The pets illness must constitute a genuine emergency or have a degree of urgency where the only other alternative would be euthanasia purely due to financial constraints.

- Available to owners in necessitous circumstances to assist their companion animals experiencing a medical crisis, no specific breed, gender or age restrictions apply.

- Once treated, the patient should have which have a fair-to-excellent long-term prognosis. These funds are unfortunately not accessible to terminal cases.

- The total veterinary costs are not fully funded by the PMCF. The veterinary clinic will discount the overall fee (to cost) and the owner decides how much they are able to contribute. The PMC Fund is then consulted to see if sufficient funds are being held to bridge the gap usually to a $1,000 limit per case;

- Funds are only paid to the veterinary hospitals account for the pet in care; no funds are paid to individuals or owners;

- Suitable cases may include minor dog/cat fight wounds or trauma, acute intoxication, abscesses, ocular prolapse and basic surgical conditions e.g. gastrointestinal foreign bodies, spinal cord decompression, shunt repairs, etc.

After screening potential cases please discuss them with the on-duty vet prior to contacting Jennifer Hunt (PMC Fund, Administrator) on 0401133991, or e-mail: for authorisation.

Recipients of Pet Medical Crisis Funding will be asked to provide verbal consent to have local, state or national media cover the story of their pet and the PMCFs assistance. This enables acknowledgement of the PMCF and the opportunity to ask the public for donations to continue our work.

NB: Please ensure that clear photos/videos are obtained of every case prior to, during and after the procedure, as these will be used by the Facebook community page, media, websites and for further fundraising purposes.

For all veterinary enquiries:

T: 0401133991